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Being a data warehouse and Business Intelligence professional, one is expected to know databases, Data Warehouse Concepts and many other topics. However when we go through various education providers, there are not much quality courses available which addresses this need. Only way we can learn various topics related to Data Warehouse such as Data Analytics, Master Data Management and many more is through books. However finding a best books on topics like Data Warehouse , Business Intelligence is a tough task as Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence is very wide subject. Also, Its difficult find books in niche areas like data analysis and design. This website is design to address this problem.

We have compiled list of best books on Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Master data Management, SQL, Data Analytics. We hope this would give you an good information on list of books available in various topics related to BI DW at one place. In addition to this if you like you can directly purchase these books from Amazon.

Some of the must read books on Data Warehousing Concepts.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling

Data Warehousing practices are growing worldwide and more and more organizations are implementing data warehousing solutions to discover the information from raw data. Having correct Data Warehouse is critical factor to success of any data warehousing project and for that one needs to be thorough in data warehousing concepts. This book addresses that need. It’s unique approach to data warehousing concepts using case studies helps reader to understand the concepts and its practical implementation.
This book has more than eleven case studies which covers almost all the business domains and how dimensional model can be used for successful data warehouse. It covers most basics topics like what is data warehouse to most advanced topics in data warehousing like optimizing data warehouse. A must read for every data warehousing professional.

Business Intelligence For Dummies

If you are new to business intelligence and looking for a book on business intelligence which do not have those Greek words which do not makes you dizzy. This is the book for you!

It gives an good introduction to business intelligence and covers topics like how it can benefit your organization, business intelligence roadmap, business intelligence reporting, architecture, business intelligence project roadmap which are must read to any business intelligence professional.

This book is a must read to business users who wants to understand business intelligence and so that he or she can understand the benefits of business intelligence and its benefits to organization. Recommended for business intelligence beginner.