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Business Intelligence – A Managerial Approach

There has been lot of misconception regarding BI being just Data Warehousing. However, Business Intelligence is not just Data Warehousing, or star schema or snowflake schema. This books is for those who just want to understand the Business Intelligence. This is not a technical book and introduces BI in simple language.

Agile Data Warehouse Design

If you are a data architect/data modeler and tasked with an assignment to design the data model for a data warehouse, this book can act as step by step guide in your assignment. It helps to understand the how to capture requirement, how to collaborate with stakeholders of the projects and team members. It teaches the agile approach of executing the datawarehousing project using agile practices.

Star Schema The Complete Reference

Learning to design a perfect star schema which would work in every reporting scenario and would also help to fullfill all current and future reporting needs would require one to understand its design principles in detail. Star Schema Complete Reference book help you understand the details of dimensional modelling focusing towards star schema and would be a must have reference book if you are designing one.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit by Ralph Kimball

Having understanding of core data warehousing concepts is critical if you are working on business intelligence project. It does not matter if you are working as ETL developer or Reporting expert. Ralph Kimballs’s The Data Warehouse Toolkit will help you to understand core concepts of Data Warehousing. This book is considered as must have book for a Data Warehouse professional.