Best Books for Beginners to Learn SQL

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No matter if you are programmer, data analysts or a end user, you would find learning SQL is important to execute your day to day tasks. SQL is the standard of querying your corporate database to get the insight information hidden in the storage.

Database vendors do have their own favor of SQL however most of them are SQL-92 compliant with few extra functions.

Below are the recommended books to learn SQL. These books are highly recommended on for everyone who wants to dig deeper in SQL.

This is a desktop reference book and don’t try to complete it by reading page by page. Instead start exploring SQL by using its constructs and use this book as a reference point. A must have in your book shelf. This book is for absolute beginner. It starts from very basic concepts of SQL and goes up to intermediate level. Its very good for beginners as it has lots of examples which you can practice.

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